För reflektion #5

The messianic adjunct to the purity concept is the claim that white (European) civilization is a gift to the world. As a “gift,” it must see the world as other, against which it demands of its own citizens (the white members of the white nation) that they stand in allegiance and solidarity, and that the other on whom the “gift” is bestowed (imposed) be grateful (Hartman 1997). Its logical extension is that the other’s failure to demonstrate gratitude renders that other both alien and enemy. Should the other insist on autonomy, it implies a rejection of the “gift” and thus a criminal intention on the other’s part, since the bringing of the gift is already the provision of justice and the decriminalization of the giver. Rejection of the gift is thus a metaphoric aggression to be countered by actual violence disguised as self-defense. When “enemy combatants” are arrested in their own streets in Baghdad, they are charged with the crime of attacking the United States, though the United States stands in those streets as a foreign invader.

Från The Machinery of Whiteness: Studies in the structure of racialization av Steve Martinot.