USAs f d president, Jimmy Carter, om islamofobi

The Carter Center, instiftat av USAs förra president Jimmy Carter, släppte i dagarna en rapport om islamofobi och hur man kan motverka det. Jimmy Carter erkänner, till skillnad från många andra, islamofobi som en strukturell och institutionell praxis, med lagar, regler och förhållningssätt från individer, samhället och staten. I förordet till rapporten ”Countering Islamophobia” skriver han:

”I have watched with concern the unprecedented rise of anti-Muslim hate crimes and hate speech. From surveillance and imprisonment, with fewer procedural safeguards against anti-Muslim legislation, Muslims have been subjected to discriminatory and unconstitutional practices. Such actions not only infringe on the freedom of Muslims to practice their faith, but also marginalize them as engaged citizens. Respect for human rights and the elimination of discrimination are essential to advancing global peace and democracy. When we turn a blind eye to discrimination against our Muslim neighbors, we cannot claim to remain true to our American values, and if we tolerate discrimination against those of another faith, we undermine our own cherished religious freedom. None of us can ignore the challenge that rising Islamophobia presents to our nation. We must resolve to fight fear and abuse with solidarity and a commitment to justice — especially for those whose communities have suffered oppression and discrimination. In September of 2017, The Carter Center convened an international symposium of scholars, journalists, civil society actors, and religious leaders to develop a strategic and sustainable response to Islamophobia. We concluded that all people of good will have a responsibility to speak out and hold accountable those who seek to divide us by derogating others. We must use the laws that enshrine human and civil rights to combat Islamophobia as they have been used to combat other forms of discrimination. It is The Carter Center’s mission to wage peace, fight disease, and build hope for all people. In this guidebook we offer strategies, best practices and toolkits to fight the spread of Islamophobia and to build a culture of respect for universal human rights.”

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