För reflektion #1

”How a government makes sense of political violence directed against it usually tells us at least as much about the nature of that government as it does about the nature of its violent opponents. After Ulrike Meinhof, of West Germany’s Red Army Faction, was found hanged in her prison cell in 1976, officials secretly removed her brain in the hope that neuropathologists might discover why she gave up her successful career as a journalist to cofound the far Left armed group. To state officials it seemed more natural that the source of her violence was located in brain deformities than in the political conflicts of postwar Germany. Likewise, Mau Mau rebels captured in the 1950s by the British army in colonial Kenya were examined by the psychiatrist J. C. Carothers, who claimed to find “hard scientific evidence” demonstrating that the uprising was “not political but psycho-pathological,” a conclusion which conveniently validated the need for continuing colonial government.”

– Arun Kundnani, ”The Muslims Are Coming!”, kapitel 4 (The Myth of Radicalization), (sid 115 i upplaga från 2014)